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No Petrol, No Power, No Problems

30 March 2012

If you are looking for a quality hand operated sprayer…then look no further than the HARDI pressure sprayers. The longer you own one the more sensible your purchase becomes.

They are built from high quality materials for long life and guaranteed performance with readily available parts and simply a breeze to service and clean. They are ideal for the application of weed and pest control products, cleaning and disinfectant solutions that are widely used in domestic and commercial applications. 

The P1.5 is a pressurised 1.5 litre sprayer with an adjustable nozzle which gives control over a fine or coarse spray. A fine spray provides excellent surface area coverage with the least amount of fluid consumption and the coarse spray adjustment is ideal for the application of cleaning products like truck wash.


The 6 & 8 litre capacity P6 and P8 pressurised sprayers, like all HARDI products, are built tough from quality components to provide long life and reliability. The container has a see-through measurement so you can control how much liquid you are putting in. An inbuilt measuring jug in the lid provides precise measurement of products to be mixed and a plunger pump is used to pressurise the container. A spring loaded pressure relief valve prevents over pressurisation and a trigger valve controls intermittent or continuous spraying. Another really nice added feature on the P6 & P8 is the in-line filter element in the trigger valve which minimises nozzle ware and blockage.

Just pump it up, sling it over your shoulder and go spraying. Their use is limited only by the imagination and with the many optional attachment, the potential applications are endless. Standard they come with a reflex nozzle for uniform coverage and a cone nozzle for fine spray. Optioned, they can include an adjustable cone nozzle, a cone or fan shield, 2, 3 & 4 nozzle spray booms, constant pressure valves and lance extensions.

Spraying tips:

  • The adjustable cone nozzle is ideal for the application of products like truck wash
  • The P6 when pressurised to maximum will spray out the entire contents without having to re-pressurise. You won’t be disappointed.
  • The cone and fan shields make spraying around garden edges, under plants safe and drift proof.
  • With a 2 or 3 nozzle boom attached to a P6 sprayer can spray up to 300 square metres of lawn evenly and uniformally.
  • Lance extensions and telescopic lances provide the reach to spray the tops of trees and vines
  • A constant flow valve attached to the end of the lance provides a constant nozzle pressure regardless of pressurisation.