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Too rough for booms

30 March 2012

If your country is too rough to spray with a boom, and you hate the thought of busting one off by falling in a hole you didn’t see through the grass, then you probably need a HARDI JetChester.

It’s a boom-less solution that sprays as wide as a boom but without the structure, if you know what I mean.

It gives 10m wide coverage in good conditions and needs 25 Ll/m at 3 bar pressure to perform. Don’t get carried away thinking a 12 volt pump is going to cut it, because it won’t!

I’ve just been playing around with one in the paddock and it’s not that bad, however you wouldn’t want to be spraying on a windy day with it…the neighbours might not appreciate the drift.

JetChester is perfect for a PTO drive linkage sprayer on a tractor that can get around the sort of country you need to spray, or even an engine-drive pick-up sprayer on the back of the Ute. Just mount it half a metre above what it is you want to spray and away you go…

JetChester spraying Tips

  • Make sure you have 25 litres per minute spare pump capacity at 3 bar operating pressure.
  • Don’t use on windy days as there is a risk of spray drift.
  • Check the spray width in metres ( drive over some bare ground and measure)
  • Measure the JetChester output into a bucket for one minute = Ll/m
  • Use the speed check and application volume formulas to calibrate